About Us

INNOVACIÓN is the annual technical festival of IEM KOLKATA. IEM (Institute Of Engineering & Management) is the best private engineering college in eastern India. Every year we impute ambassadors from different colleges whose responsibility remains with publicity of INNOVACIÓN in and around his / her college. This year we are extremely enthusiastic to broaden our shoulders across different colleges across the length and breadth of the country.

Why CA?

The Campus Ambassador Program undertaken by INNOVACIÓN, IEM KOLKATA primarily aims to incorporate participation from students spread across the nation in various colleges.

  • Become the face of Innovación in your college.

  • Opportunity to improve Soft and Technical Skills

  • Golden opportunity to get involved in event promotion and brand management

  • Chance to be a part of a pool of thousands of enthusiastic and innovative students from all across the country

  • Chance to keep abreast of recent trends in cutting edge technologies from INNOVACIÓN, IEM KOLKATA.

  • With CA, you get a chance to be an extended part of the organizing team of INNOVACIÓN 2017, and to explore a magical experience.


  • COORDINATION- As a CA you are expected to work as a link between INNOVACIÓN 2017 and your college.

  • PUBLICITY- Display of Innovación 2017 posters on the college notice board of the respective college, within 4 days of receiving them. Carry out offline publicity of Innovación 2017 through word-of-mouth among the students of the respective college by coordinating with the Innovación team. Encourage and facilitate active participation in Innovación from the respective college.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA-Publicizing Innovación events on social media channels by sharing and posting (in different groups).

  • TASKS-Forwarding the mails related to Innovación to the students' mailing list of the respective college.


  • A certificate of appreciation undersigned by INNOVACIÓN, IEM KOLKATA.

  • INNOVACIÓN BADGES will be provided to all the CA’s with their name and respective collge name written.

  • Recognition in the form of name integration on the INNOVACIÓN 2017 website.

  • Frequent opportunities to win goodies.

  • Top selected CA’s (decided by the INNOVACIÓN 2017 Organising Team) will be rewarded with 1 FREE Laser Tag pass.

  • Chance to win the official merchandise of INNOVACIÓN 2017.

  • Top Ambassadors will be felicitated with special appreciation rewards.